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A TV Show to network sustainable solutions for the future.

Solution Zone is a multi media experience which highlights positive, inspiring solutions to the challenges facing our planet and people.

The Solutions Zone TV project has come from over  25 years of cutting edge  environmental action  in London, the UK and internationally.Through decades of direct action and eco community centres set up by the people for the people.

The Rainbow Centres Project was originally inspired to take action, by information coming out of  the 1992 Rio Earth Summit, highlighting the urgent need to help the environment.

The Solutions Zone project aims to accelerate the networking of many of the practical working  eco solutions that are urgently needed in our current critical environmental situation.The project began filming solutions at the Copenhagen Climate Summit 2009.Then more recently at the Paris Climate Summit 2015.

There is an urgent need to take action on our critical environmental situation.

” Many of the solutions to our critical environmental situations already exist what is needed is the better networking of them” – Phoenix

We show practical working examples of projects and places where people are already creating the futures they want to see.

The Solution Zone takes you on a lively adventure around the world – sharing the stories of people who are putting solutions into action RIGHT NOW.

Join in the global movement for change – be the change you wish to see in the World.

We can all change the way we are living. Live better, eat better, feel better.Sustainable Solutions for all.



Above a Home built from plastic sacks and local material

We also share the skills, techniques and technologies that you need to live a sustainable life. 





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